Zak's Survival Pack - English language guide - Chat up lines. How to pick up girlfriends or boyfriends - ligar en inglès


English for finding a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Discussion Topics. What is traditionally the way of approaching[1] someone that you find attractive in your country? Who talks to whom first? Do men talk to women first? What type of things do people say? Has anybody ever said anything interesting to you in this way? What is the name in English of a special phrase used to break the ice with a potential romantic partner? What would you say in a similar situation?

[1] (to) approach to go nearer to someone or something. ‘Ladies and gentlemen. We are now approaching the Tower of London, built in the......’

Match the beginning of these chat-up lines with the correct ending. 

1. Can I buy you a drink...

2. I’m easy....

3. Inheriting [1] £10 million doesn’t mean much....

4. Hi! Will you help me find my lost puppy [2]?....

5. Hi! I’m new in town.....

6. Do you believe in love at first sight....


[1] to inherit to get given, or to be left money when someone dies.

[2] puppy (noun) a very young dog. I was going to say a ‘baby’ dog, but that sounds ridiculous. There are many other important words that need to be learnt to describe ‘baby’ animals. Cat/kitten, lion/cub, chicken/chick, horse/pony, etc. Unknown names normally take ‘baby’. ‘Ahh! Look at the baby elephants. Aren’t they cute?

a...I think it went into that cheap hotel room over there.

b...Could you tell me the way to your place?

c...when you have a weak heart.

d...or should I walk by again?

e...or do you just want the money?


f...are you?

Vocabulary for such occasions. Put the following into groups below the following headings. Some can be repeated in several columns.



























TO HIT ON SOMEONE ($),     TO MAKE OUT,     TO SMOOCH [2],      TO FLIRT WITH,       TO BE IN LOVE WITH,      TO WOO[3],      TO KISS,     TO PICK UP,      TO HAVE A CRUSH ON,      TO WINK AT[4],     TO BE SMITTEN,     TO OGLE,     TO EYE UP,      TO STARE AT,      TO CHAT UP,      TO FALL FOR,      TO SNOG.      TO BE AFTER.



[1] to chase to run after, to pursue, to follow.

[2] To smooch a long, wet kiss. Measurable in minutes.

[3] To woo a slightly old fashioned, but useful and easy to remember verb that describes the whole process of trying to attract and convince a partner to go out with you.

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