Zak's Survival Pack - English language guide - Reliant Robin in London


Part 2. How to use (or abuse) the jobcentre, and some interesting ideas on how to get a job.

Learn English with Zak Washington. Visiting Britain. How to get a job.

It’s now six weeks later. You didn’t get out of bed. You didn’t listen to Zak Washington’s advice. You didn’t get a job, and now you are so poor that you have to return to your own country. Make the past situations into conditional sentences.


Example. I didn’t listen to Zak Washington. I didn’t get a job. If I had listened to Zak Washington, I would have got a job.


I stayed in bed most of the day listening to hippy music. When I arrived the jobcentre was closed.

I told the woman in the jobcentre that I didn’t have any references. She told me I wouldn’t be able to get a job.

She wasn’t nice to me, because I’m foreign.

She told me I that I needed perfect English for the washing up job. So I couldn’t apply for the position.

I told the woman in the jobcentre that I wanted to see that manager, or one of her superiors. Then she was very nice to me.

I lied about having a lot of experience. I got the job.

I studied English quite a lot. In the job I spoke more that most of the others.


Here are some typical jobs, most of which require little or no experience, and are often done by foreign students. Match them with the correct definition.

care assistant




courier/dispatch riders



kitchen porter

leaflet distributor

office junior


market researcher


stores assistant

telesales person

…washes up dishes, and cleans in a hotel or restaurant.

…looks after old people.

…delivers letters, parcels and documents in car, or by bike.

…looks after children.

…is who you pay in a shop, or supermarket.

…is someone who does general repairs and maintenance.

…gives out information or advertising from house to house.

…does investigations, asking questions to get information.

…works in a big warehouse where supplies are kept. 

…works on a building site doing heavy, manual, or dirty jobs.

…sells products on the phone.

…does work such as filing, typing, and answering the phone.

…makes beds and cleans rooms in a hotel.

…works in a hotel or hospital transporting things.

…does domestic tasks, like cooking or cleaning in a home.

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Title: one easy way to work illegally in the UK
Learn English with Zak Washington. How to work in Britain illegally. Get an illegal job in the UK.

The above paragraphs are in the wrong order. Read them, and then put the numbers into the boxes below.















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