English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary · 22. August 2019
How to use English swearwords in the correct way. What is the meaning of some of the 'bad' language in English? Which words should I and shouldn't I use? Learn English and find out all the secrets here!

English Vocabulary · 21. August 2019
How do you swear in English and make it sound authentic? What are the difference between swearwords? Which English words are the most offensive? What are the real meanings of 'bad' words?

English Vocabulary · 16. August 2019
What is the difference between 'Goodbye' and 'Good riddance?

English Vocabulary · 27. July 2019
Today we give you some tips (advice) on how to use 'Can' and 'Could' - a very complicated piece of English language grammar.

English Vocabulary · 05. July 2019
Have you ever got confused about signs on bathroom doors? We explain what the signs mean and how you can ask to go...

English Vocabulary · 03. July 2019
Today's quick lesson looks at the differences between three commonly confused words: travel, journey and trip. We explain how and when to use them...

English Vocabulary · 29. June 2019
How to address people in English. Today we explain how to use words to describe people when you don't use a name. We look at vocabulary like 'mate', 'buddy' and 'chap' and explain how to use them in the natural way.

English Vocabulary · 25. June 2019
Learners of the English language never understand how native English speakers use these vocabulary items. We explain exactly how to use the words in a correct context.

English Vocabulary · 19. June 2019
Let's look at a typical English tabloid newspaper headline. It uses slang and colloquial language. Let's see if you understand. The solution and full lesson are below.

English Vocabulary · 18. June 2019
Today's quick vocabulary lesson will help you to understand some very confusing vocabulary: public, audience, crowd, congregation and spectators. What is the difference.

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