English Lessons

English Lessons · 21. January 2020
This is an English language TESOL classroom discussion about the pharmaceutical industry and drug approval. We will watch a video by American economist and free market advocate Milton Friedman who gives a critique of the role of the FDA. We will then discuss some of the points it raises. (Level C1)

English Lessons · 10. December 2019
Downloadable pdf books for Hotel & Catering English courses.

English Lessons · 08. December 2019
Hi future student, and welcome back to our English students from the past! This is our new price list for classes in 2020. As many of you will notice it is exactly the same, as we haven't raised prices in 10 years.

English Lessons · 30. November 2019
Please accept our invitation to come and join the ENGLISH LANGUAGE SOCIAL CLUB 2019 XMAS PARTY The event will be held in the Piedigrotta restaurant. Via Gian Domenico Romagnosi, 9, 21100 Varese VA. (Near the Garibaldi statue). Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 19:00 hrs. We will be having a buffet-style event aimed at meeting new friends and getting to know other club members.

English Lessons · 08. September 2019
INSEGNANTE MADRELINGUA INGLESE QUALIFICATO CON ESPERIENZA PLURIENNALE SI OFFRE PER LEZIONI AD ADULTI E CORSI AZIENDALI. - English Lessons: Individuali / piccoli gruppi ad ogni livello - Traduzioni Italiano-Inglese / Spagnolo-Inglese - Copywriting / Editing / Correzione di bozze -Inglese commerciale / tecnico / legale / economia e finanza - Inglese aeronautico. TEA Test/ ICAO. Tutti i livelli - Preparazione esami IELTS, TOEFL. First Certificate, CAE, Proficiency, BEC, PET, ecc.

English Lessons · 07. September 2019
Special offers on English classes for all our ex-students in the Varese, Lombardia, Italia area.