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English Classes 2022: New Prices and Special Offers
Ciao futuri studenti e bentornati ai nostri studenti di inglese del passato! Questo è il nostro nuovo listino prezzi per le lezioni. Noterai che è quasi esattamente lo stesso (dato che non aumentiamo i prezzi da 10 anni). NUOVI SCONTI SPECIALI PER LEZIONI DI GRUPPO! Hi future students and welcome back to our English students from the past! This is our new price list. You will notice it is almost exactly the same (as we haven't raised prices in 10 years). NEW SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR GROUP CLASSES!

English Grammar Exercises (Intermediate)
Hi all. Here is a collection of ENGLISH LANGUAGE GRAMMAR EXERCISES. (Intermediate level - B1) Each of the exercises is DOWNLOADABLE and contains the ANSWER KEY.

In the English lesson of today we explain a couple of other useful words which mean 'to walk'. Read on and improve your English language skills!

Today's we help you learn English with the explanation of a commonly confused word: TO MISS. We explain how to use it correctly and teach you different applications.

How to use English swearwords in the correct way. What is the meaning of some of the 'bad' language in English? Which words should I and shouldn't I use? Learn English and find out all the secrets here!

Today's quick lesson looks at the differences between three commonly confused words: travel, journey and trip. We explain how and when to use them...

The Learn English with ZakWashington website now includes a collection of many of the most popular books for English grammar and vocabulary. Downloadable here.