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What is the difference between DO and MAKE in English? When do we use them? What do they mean? Read today's ZakWashington blog post to find out the answers....

What are the 40 most important SOCIAL ENGLISH phrases? How do you respond to them correctly?

What is the difference between TOO and ENOUGH in English? When do we use them? What do they mean? What is their position within a sentence? Read today's ZakWashington blog post to find out....

What is the passive voice in English? What is the difference between an active and a passive sentence? Today's English lesson answers these questions.

Downloadable pdf versions of First Certificate (and other exam) preparation books.

Downloadable pdf books for Hotel & Catering English courses.

A very good morning to you students. Would you like to come to the cinema, practice your English and makes some friends? This coming Tuesday (19-11-19) we will be going to see the film 'Ford v Ferrari' at MIV Cinema in Varese. (Film starts at 21:30.) The plan: - Confirm you want to go with sms to Mickey (by Sunday evening at latest) to make the reservations - Meet in bar for a drink at 20:00. (Place to be arranged when we know the numbers. Rule #1: English language only all n

Today's English homework is a funny British comedy called 'My Blackberry isn't working.' The sketch will help you learn technological vocabulary. It is all based on the double meaning of words. We offer an explanation and a (not very good) translation of the two meanings.

Downloadable pdf versions of IELTS (and other exam) preparation books. The books are for studying GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY within the context of the themes used in IELTS

Libertarian Linguistics Club homework assignment graphic with Winston Churchill from ZakWashinton's Guide to English
For this week's English language lesson homework assignment we are going to study Italian body language and how gestures correspond to typical every day phrases. Italians use gestures to express many feelings or to communicate. Many of the gestures have very nice common phrases, also in English, which you should know to make your everyday English sound more convincing. This is a continuation of the lessons that we did last week about BODY PARTS & DESCRIBING BODY MOVEMENTS. (Check out the blog)

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