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English Grammar · 08. November 2019
Downloadable pdf versions of IELTS (and other exam) preparation books. The books are for studying GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY within the context of the themes used in IELTS

English Vocabulary · 12. September 2019
In the English lesson of today we explain a couple of other useful words which mean 'to walk'. Read on and improve your English language skills!

22. June 2019
English lessons in the Varese area offered by native English speaker. (British English). Fun and interesting lessons - enormous experience.

21. June 2019
Insegnante madrelingua a Varese si offre per lezioni di inglese.

English Grammar · 20. June 2019
The Learn English with ZakWashington website now includes a collection of many of the most popular books for English grammar and vocabulary. Downloadable here.