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English Grammar · 01. June 2020
What is the difference between DO and MAKE in English? When do we use them? What do they mean? Read today's ZakWashington blog post to find out the answers....

English Grammar · 12. May 2020
What are conditional sentences in English? How many types of conditional sentence are there? What is the structure of a conditional sentence? In today's English lesson we unlock these mysteries....

English Vocabulary · 08. May 2020
What are the 40 most important SOCIAL ENGLISH phrases? How do you respond to them correctly?

Homework Assignment · 01. May 2020
Today we celebrate International Workers' Day. (Sometimes 'Labor Day'). But what exactly are we celebrating? Today we watch a film explaining the fascinating origins of the 1st May.

English Grammar · 01. May 2020
What is the difference between TOO and ENOUGH in English? When do we use them? What do they mean? What is their position within a sentence? Read today's ZakWashington blog post to find out....

English Grammar · 26. March 2020
In this week's English language lesson we are studying COMPARATIVE SENTENCES. In particular we are going to look at the structure THE + COMPARATIVE + THE + COMPARTIVE / SUPERLATIVE.

Hi students, future students and welcome back to our English students from the past! This is our new price list for classes in 2020. As many of you will notice it is exactly the same, as we haven't raised prices in 10 years.

19. March 2020
What is the passive voice in English? What is the difference between an active and a passive sentence? Today's English lesson answers these questions.

11. March 2020
Offriamo un nuovo servizio di Telephone English o Skype per allievi en la zona di Varese, Italia e Ticino. Help us beat the virus by studying at home!

English Pronunciation · 03. February 2020
This week's English language lesson is a recap of some of the most basic elements of English pronunciation. If you could find a secret to 'good' English, what would it be? How can you improve your pronunication with little or no effort? Watch these video tutorials and learn.

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