15.3. Vocabulary.

Law and order.


1. To accuse sb of something. b. To say that someone has done something wrong. Not only a legal word.

2. To hold sb for... g. What the police do, if they don’t let you free or discharge you.

3. To charge sb with... j. When the police tell you that you are formally accused of a crime. 4. To summon sb to court for... h. When you are officially told, normally by post, that you have to go before a judge.

5. To prosecute someone. d. When you officially begin legal proceedings against someone.

6. To discharge someone. e. To let a person free who is innocent, or cannot be sentenced.

7. To arrest someone. f.  What the police do when they detain you and read you your rights.

8. To sue someone for.. a. To make a legal claim against sb usually for money. Common in the USA.

9. To get sent down (slang) i.  When the judge says you have to go to prison.

10. To frame sb for..(slang) c. A corrupt way of manipulating facts to make an innocent person seem guilty.