14.1. Explain Chris’ phrasal verbs.

CHRIS OFF: We could head for (direct yourself towards) Madame Tussaud’s, pop in (enter for a brief period of time) there for half and hour, or chill out (a modern American colloquial way of saying ‘to relax’) in one of the parks. Or we could put off (to delay, to do something later than planned) doing that until later. I’m for (to be in favour of) taking advantage of this sun. If we hurry up, (go quickly) we could check out (a colloquially way of saying ‘to have a look at/around’) Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. That place is always full up with (to contain a very large number of) tourists. No one will find out (to realise) who we are. We will blend in (to fit in, to not stand out or be noticed) easily with all the other foreigners.