13.7. Grammar exercise. –ed and –ing endings.


There are some examples where several answers are possible.


MARIA: Great! This jumble sale looks like it’s going to be interesting / thrilling. I love new things! Things that are different! It always makes me feel so excited / thrilled!

SOPHIE: I couldn’t agree with you less. I find it shocking / appalling / distressing / disgusting that people can go to a place that’s full of dirty old clothes and horrible old shoes. It makes me feel appalled / disgusted..

MARIA: Why aren’t you interested (the only one that can go before the proposition ‘in’) in doing anything new and interesting / amusing / exciting / thrilling? All you ever do is moan and complain. Are you feeling bored / disappointed / distressed?

SOPHIE: I am a little disappointed about the whole trip to London. I thought it would be much more ‘normal’. I thought that there would be typical tourists, who were interested (the only one that can go before the proposition ‘in’, how many times do I have to tell you?) in doing typical things. I find the whole situation quite boring / frightening / disturbing / disappointing. The authorities are chasing after us and I’m very frightened. What if my parents find out? It will be totally embarrassing / humiliating. What will happen if I get deported? Imagine the shame. That will be the most embarrassing / humiliating experience of my life.

MARIA: But don’t you find all the action and the excitement very liberating / amusing / exciting / thrilling? There is something almost sexy about being chased by so many people. It makes me feel really free. ……really liberated. Like in that film Thelma and Louise!

SOPHIE: I don’t agree with you. So little sleep, and so much going out, drinking and excitement. This has been an exhausting (after ‘an’ you need an adjective which begins with a vowel sound) experience. I feel totally tired / exhausted. Then there are these weird characters! It’s all starting to resemble a circus freak show. These people are not normal. They are like characters out of a nightmare. They are frightening / appalling / disturbing / annoying / disgusting. This crazy guy who wants to be called Francesca after a sex change operation? This man…. or should I say woman? This man’s completely disgusting, and he makes me feel sick. Don’t you find him shocking / frightening / appalling / disturbing / annoying / distressing / disgusting?


MARIA: In London everybody is a little crazy! It’s great. I think it’s all completely interesting / exciting / thrilling. I get excited / thrilled whenever I meet one of these interesting / amusing / exciting / thrilling characters. C’mon! The queue is moving! I think they’re opening the jumble sale. Isn’t this interesting / amusing / exciting / thrilling?