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Language Unlimited presents LEARN ENGLISH WITH ZAK WASHINGTON a full step-by-step free English Language Course (for B+ level adult students) for foreign students of English, but is also fun for native speakers too. We recommend an age of 16 or more, as some of the themes are complex and for adults. 



This revolutionary course is a giant work of art combining fantastic didactic materials, amazing musicianship, drama, theatre, a literary script, spectacular, colourful visual graphics and video animation.


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The course took 20 years to develop. It offers an enormous guide to all aspects of the English language and the culture of Britain. The huge website contains 160,000 words of exercises, readings, YouTube video tutorials, audio listening exercises, glossaries and English usage. There are also many original exercises, captivating communication games and fun activities.


We post new materials Youtube every two weeks and Facebook, Vimeo, Minds, Steemit, Linkedin every week. We also post regular lessons to all our private students in the Varese, north Italy every week via the ZakWashington blog


Improve your English step-by-step with us. We give you clear, detailed explanations about how to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and communication skills.

The website and video tutorials have translations in Spanish and Italian

With ZakWashington you will learn real English, street language and slang.


We give all subscribers a free monthly magazine called ZAKMAG which complements the Youtube video tutorials and contains many entertaining exercises and activities.


The course is written by linguist Miki Pannell and produced by the Language Unlimited, a non-profit organisation. (See below.)

What the course offers:


  • an alternative, libertarian approach to language learning  
  • 160,000 words of readings, grammar and vocabulary explanations
  • spectacular graphics & amazing animated youtube video tutorials
  • real English pronunciation as spoken by native speakers
  • slang, street language, Cockney, accents and dialects
  • British youth subculture, fashion, music, TV & the arts
  • English learner audio listenings
  • language exercises, tests and quizzes
  • grammar and vocabulary games
  • spectacular subscriber's monthly English learner magazine
  • fun communication activities for lessons or classes
  • teacher resources and materials for ELT, EFL, TEFL, ESOL & TESOL  
  • vast downloadable pdf library of free English grammar & vocabulary books
  • weekly videos posted to Youtube and other social media too
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What is Language Unlimited?


Language Unlimited is a non-profit producer of language and didactic materials, made with the specific purpose of disseminating free, libertarian, anarchist and non-statist educational materials.


Language Unlimited has produced the enormous Learn English with ZakWashington and Zak Washington’s Guide to England courses which are available online free of charge, in the true Libertarian education tradition. It also produces ZakMag English Learners' Magazine.  


We produce new video tutorials every two weeks on Youtube and have a monthly magazine called Zakmag for English language learners. Our students can also take part in regular language homework assignments, English language competitions and other fun activities.

(See the ZakWashington blog for details.)


Language Unlimited also offers mother-tongue English lessons and organizes social events in the Varese area of north Italy and is the organizer of the English Language Social Club and (coming shortly), the Spanish Language Social Club. Other forthcoming events for the new year include: Walking the Dog in English / English Language Sports Club and Wine-tasting in English.

(See the English Language Social Club Facebook page for details or see the ZakWashington blog or social media updates.)

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Contact Skype handle Learn English with Zak Washington


Prices (Area Lombardy, Italy / Ticino, Switzerland) from 15 euros per hour

(International) 25 euros payable in advance only

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Miki Pannell is a libertarian linguist.

He holds a degree in Spanish with English and Literary Studies from Middlesex University, England, a post-graduate English Language and Linguistics - Certificado de Tercer Ciclo from the doctoral department of the University of Seville, Spain and is a fully qualified EFL teacher holding a post-graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of a Second Language from Oxford House College, England. Miki prides himself on being an Economics degree dropout from the London School of Economics.

The theatrical ability comes from five years at Plymouth’s Raleigh School of Speech and Drama as an adolescent, and the multi-instrumentalist musical skills (the soundtrack is 100% self-played and self-composed) come from 30 years playing and recording in bands across Europe in a career that includes about 10 albums including 3 solo albums, the most recent being Miki Pannell ‘Me & Mr. M.T. Wallet’ (Heroe de la Guitarra Records).

(Language and content note: Although the course contains no explicit bad language in the texts, audio or video, some swearwords have been analysed in the footnotes for purely academic purposes.) Also, some of the themes included are more suitable for adults as we address topics like alcohol, drugs and adult entertainment. For this we recommend mature students of 16 years or over.)