PR, marketing, translation, copy & language services

...and home of the world's largest, most comprehensive, FREE collection of English language resources

We offer:


⭐Public Relations, Marketing, Translation, Copy, Social Media Management & Language Services internationally


 English Language Lessons in the Varese, Italy & Ticino, Switzerland area


 Language Learning Platform, particularly focused on English language students, including Zak Washington's Guide to England (available on this site)


 The English Language Social Club, a North Italy-based non-profit, non-membership club that organizes events for students to socialize practice English


 Relazioni pubbliche, marketing, traduzione, copy e servizi linguistici per i social media a livello internazionale


 Lezioni di lingua inglese nella zona di Varese, Italia e Ticino, Svizzera


 Piattaforma di apprendimento linguistico, particolarmente focalizzata sugli studenti di lingua inglese, compresa la Zak Washington's Guide to England (disponibile su questo sito)


 L'English Language Social Club, un club varesino senza scopo di lucro e free-membership che organizza eventi per gli studenti per socializzare e praticare l'inglese

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What is Language Unlimited?

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LANGUAGE UNLIMITED is a language services provider offering public relations, marketing, translation, copy and social media management commercially. 

Language Unlimited also produces non-profit online free language courses & didactic materials, made with the specific purpose of disseminating free, libertarian and non-statist educational materials.


Language Unlimited's latest free online courses are:

⭐ Zak Washington's English Adventure

⭐ Zak Washington’s Guide to England

⭐ ZakMag English Learners' Magazine

⭐ Zak's Survival Guide


The courses are available online free of charge in the true Libertarian education tradition.


We produce new video tutorials every two weeks on Youtube.

Our students can also take part in regular language homework assignments, competitions and other fun activities. 

(See the Language Unlimited Blog in the main menu.)


Language Unlimited also offers mother-tongue English lessons and organizes social events in the Varese area of north Italy with the English Language Social Club


Recent events include: Cinema in EnglishWalking the Dog in EnglishEnglish Language Sports Club and Wine-tasting in English

(See the English Language Social Club page in the menu for details, or see the Language Unlimited blog or social media updates.)

About Learn English with Zak Washington...

Learn English with Language Unlimited (main logo and design for Zak Washington's Guide to English)

Language Unlimited presents

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a full step-by-step free English Language Course (for B+ level adult students) for foreign students of English...

...but it is also fun for native speakers too. 


This revolutionary course combines:

⭐ stellar didactic materials

⭐ amazing musicianship 

⭐ drama & music

⭐ comedy

⭐ spectacular visual graphics

 video animation


It's all free. SUBSCRIBE NOW


The course took 20 years to develop and offers an enormous guide to all aspects of the English language and British culture. The huge website contains 160,000 words of exercises, readings, video tutorials, audio listenings, glossaries, exercises, captivating communication games and fun activities.


We post regular new materials on YoutubeFacebook, Vimeo, Minds and Steemit every week. We also post regular lessons for all our private students in the Varese, north Italy and Ticino area every week via the Language Unlimited Blog. 

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What the course offers:

Learn English with a mother tongue teacher in Varese, North Italy.

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